Library Partners with St. Asaph DAR to benefit Local Schools

September 24, 2018

Briefly speaking, St. Asaph DAR and the Boyle County Public Library need your help for a good cause. Drop Your Drawers @ the Library, a cooperative effort with libraries all across the state, seeks to make sure that every child shows up to school and stays in school for the whole school day in clean underwear that fits.

Drop off packages of new underwear for boys and girls, preferably sizes 4-16, from September 15 to November 30, at the Library and at various locations throughout the community. Donations will help replenish Danville Independent and Boyle County elementary and intermediate schools’ supplies of emergency underpants and provide direct assistance to each school's Family Resource Centers.

Underwear is a basic need and one that is easily forgotten. Schools are handing out more than 180 pairs a month to children who need clean underwear due to accidents at school or issues at home. Because parents often are unable to bring fresh underwear to their children during school hours, children can miss valuable learning time in the classroom.

The goal of this local drive is to receive 500 pairs. Underwear will be distributed evenly to five elementary and intermediate schools in Boyle County. The schools are: Hogsett Primary School, Junction City Elementary School, Perryville Elementary School, Toliver Intermediate School, and Woodlawn Elementary School. 

The "Drop Your Drawers!" campaign is easily recognizable by the popular character of Captain Underpants by author and illustrator Dav Pilkey. 

Underwear may be dropped off at the Boyle County Public Library at 307 West Broadway in Danville, KY, at each of the participating schools, and at various drop locations throughout the community.

Captain Underpants sticker