How to Play Dungeons & Dragons

Want to start your own Dungeons and Dragons campaign with friends and family at home? Watch our new view series as Amber explains how to play D&D! Over the course of 5 videos, she will introduce the game, explain building characters, game play, and more.


Check out the handbooks referenced in the videos from the Boyle County Public Library!

Find the videos as they premiere on the Boyle County Public Library's YouTube channel. Once live, we'll also link each video down below and post on the event's page on our Facebook pages.

How to Play D&D Episode 1: Introduction -

How to Play D&D Episode 2: How to Play -

How to Play D&D Episode 3: How to Make a Character -

How to Play D&D Episode 4: How to Be a Dungeon Master -

How to Play D&D Episode 5: Q&A - submit your questions for Amber to answer during this video to

Ages 10 and up
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