Wayne Daugherty 3D Art Exhibit

In conjunction with the SPARK! Exhibit, the library will host a 3D Art Exhibit featuring artwork by local artist Wayne Daugherty. The exhibit features 3D sculptures made with EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) foam. These sculptures are constructed with foam, then painted with primer and acrylics. Box cutters, Dremel tools, and super glue are used in the creation of the 3D sculptures.

Artist's Statement: What draws me into my work is closely observing and engaging with the subject. The challenge lies in perceiving objects in a unique way, going beyond their surface appearance and discovering the beauty of the intricate details that elevate them beyond being mere objects.

Videos showing the artist’s process can be found online at Red Dog Props - YouTube

Much of the art will be for sale. Visit the exhibit any time during regular library hours September 9 - October 14.

Wall-E sculpture by Wayne DaughertyYes Camille n Jean sculpture by Wayne DaughertyFishing Boat sculpture by Wayne Daugherty

The Georgia de Araujo Gallery
All ages
Not Required