Spark! Places of Innovation Exhibit

September 9-October 14, 2023 at BCPL

Kentucky Humanities, in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution, will be bringing the SPARK! Places of Innovation exhibit to Kentucky! This exhibit explores innovation and invention in rural communities and features diverse stories gathered from across the nation. The exhibit will stop in 7 sites across the state, all selected as locations that may not ordinarily receive such a large-scale exhibit. The SPARK! exhibit will be on display at Boyle County Public Library September 9-October 14.

What will people find at the exhibit?

SPARK! Places of Innovation explores the unique combination of places, people and circumstances that sparks innovation and invention in small/rural communities. The exhibition features stories gathered from diverse communities across the USA. Panels featuring photographs, interactive stations, games and videos will bring a multi-layered experience to reveal the leaders, successes, and innovation in each town. 

Throughout the run of the SPARK exhibit, adults and youth can visit our Innovation Stations. These creative spaces will provide visitors with opportunities to explore their own inventiveness through a variety of hands-on activities. Library visitors will be invited to explore their own inventiveness and create, innovate and problem-solve through a variety of hands-on activities. 

SPARK panel 1SPARK panel 2SPARK panel 3

Community Partners in SPARK!

The Take Flight project is a series of murals that invites Boyle County residents to visit several of our innovative cultural and community organizations and businesses. Murals encourage people to slow down and take time to notice and admire their surroundings. Murals can also act as collective thought spaces by creating a dialogue around a subject through what they depict. We hope this series of murals will encourage our community to think about what our stories, community, learning, literacy and creativity mean to them. Brought to you by the Boyle County Public Library, and our partners at The Art Center of the Bluegrass; Grace Doherty Library (Centre College); Morley’s Backyard; The Hub; and Plaid Elephant Books.

Programs that are part of SPARK!
  1. Innovation Station: An all ages opportunity to get innovative and creative. (Located in the Map Room and Multi-Purpose Room, during Library hours.)
  2. Innovation Expo: Wednesday, October 11, 2023 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM - Students K-12 will present an innovator or an innovation in a “science fair” type exposition.
  3. Community Art Project: Visit and take a picture in front of different sets of wings throughout town. 
Innovation Station:

The Innovation Station includes many activities that help spark and encourage innovation & creativity. The Innovation Station is divided into two rooms: Beginner - All Ages (in the Multi-Purpose Room) and Advanced* - Ages 13+ (in the Map Room). The two rooms are located on the 5th Level of the Library.

*Please note: Appointments are needed for training to use the Advanced portion of the Innovation Station. Same day appointments are not available at this time. Ages 13-15 must have a guardian who has been trained present while using the Advanced station. (A How-To group training session will be offered on September 12 from 6-7 PM.)

What will you find at the Innovation Station?

  • Beginner Room: Magnetic Building Tiles; Electronic Motor Robot Kits; Magnetic Sticks; Color-Sensing Robot; Engine Workshop; Chain Reaction; Magnets; LEGOs; Brain Flakes; Straws and Connectors; K’Nex; Marble Run; Snap Circuits; Arts & Crafts Supplies
  • Advanced Room: 3D Printer; Dremel Tool; Sewing Machine; Knitting Needles; Crochet Hooks; Washi Tape; Oil Pastels; Calligraphy Pens; Motor Kits; Acrylic Paint; Pixel Bricks; Polymer Clay and Tools; Robot Kits; Arts & Crafts Supplies


Field Trips

Spark! Place of Innovation - Field Trips @ The Boyle County Public Library: September 13th through October 12th on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Field trips are available on Wednesdays & Thursdays beginning September 13th. The content of this exhibit is best suited for 6th grade classes and above. However, classes in 5th grade and below are welcome to attend, and the content of the field trip will reflect the grade and skill level of the students attending.

Transportation grants are available!

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