Innovation Station How-To

Spark Places of Innovation logoIntroducing the Library’s new Innovation Station featuring a collection of tools for creation and innovation, and the space to utilize them.

The Innovation Station is divided into two rooms: Beginner - All Ages (in the Multi-Purpose Room) and Advanced* - Ages 13+ (in the Map Room). The two rooms are located on the 5th Level of the Library.

Patrons need prior training to utilize the tools in the Advanced Room. Attendance at this program certifies users as trained. Come be the first to make something new!

Note, ages 13-15 must have a certified adult with them when using the Innovation Station. Attendance at this program and/or training by appointment certifies an individual for use of the Innovation Station.

What will you find at the Innovation Station?
  • Beginner Room: Magnetic Building Tiles; Electronic Motor Robot Kits; Magnetic Sticks; Color-Sensing Robot; Engine Workshop; Chain Reaction; Magnets; LEGOs; Brain Flakes; Straws and Connectors; K’Nex; Marble Run; Snap Circuits; Arts & Crafts Supplies
  • Advanced Room: 3D Printer; Dremel Tool; Sewing Machine; Knitting Needles; Crochet Hooks; Washi Tape; Oil Pastels; Calligraphy Pens; Motor Kits; Acrylic Paint; Pixel Bricks; Polymer Clay and Tools; Robot Kits; Arts & Crafts Supplies


5th Level
Ages 13+
Not Required