YA Creative Club: Miniature Fairy Doors

Calling all artists, writers, crafters, and creatives! 

Join us each week for YA Creative Club, where tweens and teens can try out fun creative projects, learn new writing skills and artistic techniques, share their work, and make new creatively-minded friends.

Each session is suitable for creatives of all skill levels, from beginners to artistic pros.

New and returning members are always welcome at YA Creative Club!

Creative Session:  “Miniature Fairy Doors”

Come paint your own miniature fairy door! Decorate it in your own personal style, and be sure to add seasonal accessories like moss, leaves, and flowers. Then, place your finished door at the base of a tree or a wall to complete the illusion that a fairy – or another small creature – lives inside!






Community Room
Tweens & Teens (ages 11-18)
Not Required