Our Mission - The Boyle County Public Library

Our Mission

Boyle County Public Library Mission Statement & Long-Range Plan

July 2011 - 2016

Mission Statement

The Boyle County Public Library engages the community by promoting life-long learning, by connecting people to information and technologies, and by contributing to local cultural life.

Vision Statement

The Boyle County Public Library serves as a hub for the exchange of information and the provision of programs and services that enhance the quality of life in our community. Welcoming, accessible and free to all, the library preserves the past, explores the future, and offers the best of the present in educational, cultural and technological ideas.

Library Roles

The Boyle County Public Library will act based on a desire to nurture life-long readers, especially ‘tweens and teens; to stimulate imagination and creativity and to celebrate diversity through dynamic programming and high-quality resources; to become a community hub for local partnerships and resource sharing; and to preserve our cultural record through historical document archives, family histories, and genealogies.

Long Range Plan through 2016:

Goals and Objectives

Goal: Expand outreach programs and community partnerships


To reach segments of the community not currently using the library

To meet more fully the interests of current users

To ensure that all county residents have access to information resources and technologies

To be an essential, active and participating community institution

To serve as a clearinghouse for community information and resources

Goal: Strengthen staff organization, training and communication


To engage staff in the library’s mission and vision as a means of providing a higher standard of service

To clarify individual staff member’s roles and responsibilities in the library’s mission

To take action in response to changing needs, expanding programs, and evolving services

Goal: Significantly increase awareness of the library’s resources and services


To better engage the Library in the life of the community

To better inform the community of the Library resources at its disposal

To educate and empower the community by ensuring access to essential information

Goal: Develop a broader spectrum of programs and services


To respond to expressed informational needs, whatever the subject or format

To expand service to members of the community, particularly youth, minorities and other underserved groups

To assist in workforce development in conjunction with our commitments to local and federal initiatives

Goal: Cultivate a superior collection of materials in multiple formats


To ensure relevant resources and technologies are available for current and future users

To protect and preserve materials of long-lasting value

Goal: Be a welcoming library


To contribute positively to the downtown and the neighborhood environment

To provide a safe and secure environment for the staff and the community

To provide a physical and virtual environment that is useful and accessible

To provide consistent and convenient hours of access