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Book Kits

Book KitsBook discussion kits are available for small groups. Book kits typically have approximately 15 copies of a book. Book kits have a checkout period of four weeks and allow for one renewal. Click here for a complete listing of book kit titles.




History Crates

History CrateInspired by The Louisville Speed Museum’s Art Detectives project, the History Crates contain historic objects combined with educational materials. The bright yellow crates contain: artifacts, gloves, magnifying glasses, and mats; folders containing primary and secondary source information about each artifact; handouts (templates provided); and pencils. While wearing gloves, students can hold and examine objects from our local history. The crates are appropriate for Grades 3-5 and for classes lasting about an hour. One crate can serve from two to 25 students.

There are two History Crates available for check out. While the crates are targeted to educators, anyone with an interest in history can check them out with a valid library card at the front circulation desk. History Crates have a check out period of two weeks. There are no renewals. All the materials needed for instruction are in the crate, including worksheets. When finished exploring the crate, pack it all up and return it to the front desk at the library. 

The History Crates were made possible by a grant from the Hudson Ellis Fund at the Bluegrass Community Foundation.

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