Author Visit with Robby Henson

Robby Henson
Author Robby Henson

Join us for an author visit and book signing with Danville native, Robby Henson. Learn about his new book, Loud Water. Copies of the book will be on sale, courtesy of Plaid Elephant Books.


About the author: Robby Henson is a filmmaker, screenwriter, theater director and arts-behind-bars instructor. He received his M.F.A. from NYU’s graduate film school and has written and directed several documentaries for PBS as well as five feature films - The Badge, Pharaoh’s Army, The Visitation, House and Thr3e. His films have been seen at Sundance and around the world and he is a member of the Writers Guild of America. He currently teaches screenwriting at the University of Kentucky and is also Artistic Director of Pioneer Playhouse, a regional theater in central Kentucky, where he runs their outreach program Voices Inside that instructs incarcerated writers in writing and performance skills so as to fight recidivism. This is his first novel.

About the book: Eight years into a 15-year sentence, Crit Poppwell finally discovered something he was good at, besides destroying his family and abusing drugs. He found art. The solitary act of drawing, painting and creating brings a calmness and separation from the prison chaos. A dreadlocked Dominican nun who teaches art classes behind-bars encourages Crit to paint the “truth in things.” She even helps him parole out, back to “bloody” Breathitt County where his brother is the reigning crystal meth kingpin and his ex-wife wants him dead for an unforgivable past crime that haunts his every heartbeat forward.

Crit returns to his Appalachian hometown with ringing tinnitus in his ear from a prison brawl, and a desire to change his DNA. But he soon meets a hot-mess substance abuser and her son, and his reluctant, then fully committed desire to help her puts him in the crosshairs of his brother’s wrath.

Can Crit flush the past from his blood and bones and use his newfound creativity to change his life and save others? Or die trying?


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