Soul of Second Street History Conference

After two years of uncertainty and cancellations, the award-winning Soul of Second Street Festival is scheduled to return in August. The Festival will begin on Friday, August 26th at 3 PM at the Boyle County Public Library with the fourth edition of the History Conference highlighting the 16 different African American communities and neighborhoods that once existed in our county. There will be photos and documentation of these forgotten landmarks. There will also be members of the Historical Society and past residents available to share the stories of those days.

On Saturday the 27th the Music Festival will begin in Constitution Square State Park at 3 PM with musical performances, in all genres. There will be food vendors, merchandise vendors, and a family tent with children's games and activities. There will be displays outside and inside Grayson Tavern and all through the park. The History Center will be open as an extension of the Festival and also it will be the opening week of our displays at Norton Center entitled We Were Here, the African American Experience that will run through the fall semester and the release of our book African Americans in Boyle County.

All Ages
Not Required