We gladly accept volunteers depending on the need. Please see the Circulation Desk to apply.

Volunteer Guidelines

The Boyle County Public Library welcomes volunteers from the community to assist staff with day-to-day routines and procedures. Through the volunteer program, the Library hopes to provide a meaningful work experience for the volunteer that also complements the Library’s programs and services.

Please note the following when considering volunteer work at the Boyle County Public Library:

Anyone age 18 or older may apply to be a volunteer at the Library by filling out a volunteer application. [Download Here]

The Circulation Supervisor oversees the assignment of volunteer duties and works with the volunteer to find projects and activities that are of mutual interest and benefit. Volunteer hours will be scheduled at the discretion of the Library and according to the availability of the volunteer.

Volunteer tasks will vary, depending on the current activities in the Library. Examples of tasks include shelving books or AV materials, sorting paperbacks, dusting shelves, organizing magazines, and “reading” shelves (putting in exact order).

Volunteers are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner and follow standards of appropriate behavior and attire while completing their volunteer duties. In certain cases a volunteer may be asked to complete a background check (if volunteering in the Children’s Library, for example).

Please note that the Friends of the Boyle County Public Library also welcome volunteers in their programs and services. Please check the “Friends” section of the Library website for further information.

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