YA Gaming Guild: Pokémon Party

Calling all gamers! Join us each week for YA Gaming Guild, where tweens and teens can relax, play games, have some snacks, and hang out with other gamers.

We play all kinds of games, including video games, board games, card games, tabletop RPGs, and even NERF battles! Whatever we’re playing each week, you’re sure to have a great time! New and returning gamers are always welcome at YA Gaming Guild!

Gaming Session:  “Pokémon Party”

Gotta catch ‘em all! Join us as we celebrate our favorite monster-battling RPG series by playing a variety of Pokémon games, including Pokkén Tournament DX for the Nintendo Switch!

Interested in battling others with your favorite party of Pokémon? Feel free to bring your own handheld console and Pokémon games or your own deck of Pokémon cards to challenge others in one-on-one battles!

Community Room
Ages 11-17 (Grades 6-12)
Not Required